LAGOS: 13th- 14th April :  N150, 000

PORT HARCOURT : 3rd – 4th May : N160,000

ABUJA: 24th – 25th May : N 170,000

ACCRA : 31st – 1st June: N195,000

NAIROBI: July  : $500

JOHANNESBURG:  July :  $600







We are going all out to bring the best to the brave hearted at the best rate we can.

These workshops are not for those who see themselves as average minded, who set goals and expect to achieve them without taking bold steps or putting in the necessary action required, who exist only in fairy tale land and make wishful thinking their philosophy, who sit by always waiting for pro bono and never willing to invest monetarily towards their self improvement.

We love like minds!

People who have a vision and are constantly working at it , to bring it to fruition. People who believe in the can do mantra and are ready to dig their feet in. People who believe that they have what it takes already inside of them. People who stay the course, regardless.

If this is you, register for the Wig Making Mastery in a city near you and set yourself / business apart.


This is a condensed 2 day Workshop where you would learn everything about Wig Making of international standard.


We would cover;

  • Wig Making Tools
  • Understanding single & double drawn hair
  • Remy / Non-remy Hair
  • Ventilation
  • Hair direction
  • Hackling
  • Head measurements




  • Lace repairs
  • Creating your custom order form
  • List of tested Hair Vendors from across the globe.



  • Becoming a certifiable service provider
  • Knowledgeability to set up or upgrade exisiting hair business
  • Ability to make custom closures, Frontals, 360 frontals, lace wigs.
  • Adaptability to exploring self creativity
  • Employability by top notch Salons, Television houses or Hair brands.








  • Can i learn wig making in 2 days?

Absolutely yes! You can learn how to ventilate in less than 30 minutes.  An extra day is included, to be sure you have picked up the required motor skills and to adequately cover all other practical and theoretical add-ons. We advise constant practice to hone your new skills and improve your speed.


  • Can i make closures, frontals and Wigs after the workshop?

Yes, you can.


  • Can i spot bad hair after the workshop?

Yes. You would be able to identify processed hair and others.


  • What can i do with this skill?

You can do anything you choose with this skill. You can offer bespoke services, you can work with high end salons, you can upgrade an existing hair business or set up a new one, you can create hair pieces for theatres and movies etc.


  • Are tools given at the workshop?

Yes, basic tools are provided. Additional tools are available for purchase if desired.


  • Are enrollees expected to bring anything?

No. However, from past workshops some enrollees bring owned items such as hair pieces which they want us to give an opinion on or explain a procedure.


  • Do you teach how to bleach knots, sew frontals or closures to a wig cap?

No. We do not teach how to bleach knots , sew frontals or closures to a wig cap. However, we have had past enrollees who requested this and we offered them reference materials.  Because we know that people learn differently, enrollees who are visual learners  are welcome to bring their old or new frontals / closures and weaves which we may use to illustrate the process if we have ample time on our hands.


  • Do you offer tea break?

Yes, we offer tea break and light lunch.




Oniru Estate, Lagos