Flair Hair Academy is open to anyone who is focused and success driven.

Our curriculum is thorough and exhaustive with a blended learning approach (intensive hands on, Manuals, Videos etc.)

Enrollees are exposed to the obsolete and present day technique and are constantly kept abreast on any new technology.


  • Hair Vendors/Existing small hair businesses with expansion/manufacturing as their goal.
  • Salon Owners/Managers/ Workers who want to upgrade their service delivery to their customers
  • Fresh start ups going into the human hair business/ manufacturing.
  • Under graduates
  • School leavers
  • Stay home moms
  • Post graduates
  • Teenagers

Anyone looking to learn a skill or create an additional monetary source.

“To double your income, triple your investment in self-development –Robin Sharma”

We Look Forward To Welcoming You!!!

Oniru Estate, Lagos