Human Hair Factory


                         HUMAN HAIR FACTORY!!!     

                                            To Own Or Not To Own


Like the old saying goes, “What you don’t know is bigger than you”. I have

found this to be true one too many times.  For instance, a tiny

plumbing malfunction in your house may seem so huge but

by observing the plumber, you’d probably say to yourself “Oh shoot!!!

why couldn’t I just fix that myself especially if you get stoned a heavy bill.

The same scenario is applicable across other situations.


Recognise that for every time you have felt powerless, to carry out a

repair maybe minor or major, something you didn’t possess was

probably lacking at the time.

Knowledge! Information! Training! Skill!


For me, this is the big thing. KNOWLEDGE↔INFORMATION↔TRAINING↔SKILL.

With information comes Knowledge, with Knowledge, Training; with Training, Skill.

When you get knowledge, and spend time honing those skills, you develop simpler

ways to complex procedures, experience eureka moments, create proprietary methods, etc.


A Human hair factory can start anywhere from a little garage to the

most industrialized facility you can imagine.  It is the know-how,

processes, systems and procedures replicated in complex machinery,

intermediate /middle-level technology, improvised or dated practice.

In the Nigerian sphere, with Human hair vendors on almost every street and

hair needs mostly met by imports, Human Hair Factory- to OWN or not to OWN?


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Oniru Estate, Lagos
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