Hair Loss… Myth or Fact?


                                                               HAIR LOSS

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One in every 10 person would experience some kind of hair loss in their lifetime. It could be as little as increased number of falling hair which by the way is normal.

Everyone loses between 50-150 hairs on an average daily in the natural state of hair from brushing, itching the scalp, combing, during shampoo & conditioning. This is so because those hairs have completed their life cycles and would be replaced by another.

The life cycle of hair occurs in 4 stages:

Anagen cycle: This is the growing phase which carries on for about 1000days.

Catagen cycle: This is the regression phase or the end of the anagen cycle. It lasts between 10days (2-3weeks).

Telogen cycle: This is the resting phase where a new hair starts to sprout as the old hair is resting and gradually being detached. Lasts for about 100days.

Exogen cycle: This is the shedding phase. Here, the hair has completed its life cycle and detaches easily.

All the hairs on a human head are at different growth stages, some are entering the Anagen cycle, some are leaving to the Catagen cycle, and others are going to the Telogen or Exogen cycle.

Hair loss is not selective and occurs in both male and female. In females, it can be triggered by any of the factors below or others not mentioned:



Physical/Emotional stress


Excessive styling


Hair loss hit home a few months back when I realised the hair around my crown area was getting really brittle which eventually deteriorated to complete patchiness around the area.

Visualise a head with a crown of not more than ½ inch hair as the longest bordered by hair 10-12’’ in length around the temple, sides and nape…This can be very traumatising!

At my diagnosis, the overall factors were narrowed down to: stress and birth control.

A human hair wig becomes a lady’s best friend. There are a variety to choose from:

  • Virgin Remy machine wefted wigs
  • Braided human hair wigs
  • Virgin Remy hand-tied wigs
  • Lace frontal wigs
  • U part wigs  Etc.

The list goes on and on.

It must be noted that a hair loss diagnosis should be done by a professional. A dermatologist.

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Photo credit: Ludwig classification of female pattern hair loss

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