The Emergence Of The New European Hair…

Owing to the escalated unrest, violent religious extremism and deplorable humanitarian crisis, the European continent has been a buffer to fleeing migrants from Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Northern Nigeria and so on.

The population surge to Europe has seen an explosive increase within this time as people are in search of  tranquility.

As a Wigmaker, a few things come to my mind;

Firstly, I am completely appalled by what human beings like me are made to go through by the insensitivity of their Governments and ruling elite. Forcefully relinquishing their motherland, the land of their birth and the only place they know and call home to find safety, peace and a descent livelihood in another Man’s land.

Often, the dangers they envisage, perhaps are actually faced with, is nothing compared to the horrors they left behind. With exceptions to when they pay with their lives.

Secondly, after the daunting and demeaning voyage, they finally get to Europe with an emotionally, physically and mentally scared self, zero self-esteem and zero monetary status. What a dire situation!!!


Thirdly, from a Wig maker’s eyes, I begin to expect crosses in bloodline and an emergence of a new kind of “European hair” in a few years.

I may be wrong, I may be right. My gut feeling inclines more to being right.


A qualified Wigmaker knows that European hair is the most sort after hair and the true source of variegated Auburn, Brown and Blonde hair.

However, the modern forms of hair processing claim to produce similar quality of Brown-Blonde hair by slowly lifting the cuticles to alter the colour, the fact still remains that true fine European hair is Euro-based only.

I would imagine one of many things… You order raw European hair from your hair collector and get middle-eastern textured hair in your parcel or “Euro-afro” textured hair, maybe even a totally new texture which would become the new it. Fingers Crossed!!!

Oniru Estate, Lagos
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