Why Wefts Shed?

What are Wefts?


These are formed when hair strands are put together (sewn) by machine or by hand. Typically, it involves using thread in either process.

Wefts made by machine are sewn using a 3 head or 4 head weft machine. Each individual tiny strand is fed to the machine which sews the strands together using the lock stitch, fold and hem method. The combination of hair and thread forms a layer which is commonly referred to as “WEFT”.

                                                                   WHY WEFTS SHED?


    Some reasons why wefts shed are:


*Using the wrong machine:

Wefts are suppose to be sewn using the industrial 3 or 4 head weft machine which both have double needles on the first set of machine and are mechanically calibrated for sewing hair. The machine system crisscrosses two threads that form a lock stitch across each thread line as it sews along, while the other two or three machines fold over and hem in the hair. Whereas, an ordinary single needle machine does not provide this system of sewing to the hair.


*Alignment of hair:

If the bulk hair is not evenly aligned or tied properly at source, this will affect the even layer of the hair. Unaligned hairs would cause the entire bundle to be in different layers around the root area during the sewing; and this will inevitably make the weft prone to some shedding due to the unevenness, in addition to the brushing and tugging of the weft by the wearer also.


*Cutting through the weft:

Hair will shed off the weft line if the weft work has been disturbed by cutting through it.


*Sewing through the weft:

Wefts are not meant to be sewn through but sewn over. The diameter of hair is very thin and constant sewing through the weft line would disturb the integrity of the thread work. This will eventually cause gaps to occur, which will lead to shedding overtime.


*Rotting of the thread:

Oil build up, bacterial activity from sweating also affect the strength of the thread used in wefting the hair.


*Chemical activity of dyestuff:

Caution should be applied during colour alteration on weft to prevent the solution from going on the weft line, as constant application to the weft line would degrade the thread bonds.

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